About me

Hey, dear visitors,

This is Anchor Lee, an amateur photographer. I have fallen in love with photography over 10 years, and I got lots of fun.

Now I live in Bay Area, San Francisco. Before this, I live in Beijing, China.

(For now, my English is very bad. One of my purpose on this photoblog is to practice my language skill. )

7 thoughts on “About me

      • Long time ago, I was an editor in Digital Gadget Magazine, I had many opportunity to get different cameras, review them. So I fallen in love with photography…now, photography is a part of my life, I enjoy it.
        What about your story for being a photographer?

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      • Honestly, I’m not exactly a photographer. The thing is, this winter, there were hard times in Russia and the crisis forced everyone to spend their money on expensive gadgets, cars, and property (according to their income and savings, of course), otherwise all this money would disappear as it was in 1998, during financial market crash in our country. What I had was not enough to buy a car or a house, so I decided to purchase a good camera. And I have to take some pictures from time to time not to allow it to collect all the dust in my house =)


      • I have never been to Russia. I like your country. If I have some opportunity to travel there, I will carry all my best cameras~ Your story made me a little sad…But I think your camera had already bring you many good time. I believe taking photography can make all of us happy~

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